Praise for the Guardian Series

A “must-read romance” – USA TODAY 

"A.J. Messenger starts a trilogy with Guardian... Within this everyday world is a great cast of characters who bring life to the story—a feat that couldn’t be done without Messenger’s distinctive literary style and voice. From the ordinary comes the extraordinary, where one's character and motives are tested. Where what one wants and what one needs may not co-exist; where duty and love are in conflict. Messenger writes an emotional, tender love story about possibilities."

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A “2015 Staff Pick” on Goodreads


5-Star Review ★★★★★
Paranormal Romance Fans for Life

"The sign of a good YA/NA novel is when those of us who are somewhat more than  YA/NA can also appreciate the story. A.J. Messenger captures all the slang/angst ... that is being a teenager - without talking down to her primary audience or assuming they can't handle well written, thoughtful prose.

At times funny, dark, terrifying...we are taken on a startling and romantic romp with heroine Declan...and hero Alexander, to discover a world she could never have imagined, and a love he could never have envisioned. Very well done."


Reader Reviews from Amazon and Goodreads

“Loved this book! It was a recommended read on Amazon so I decided to try. Excellent book! I can not wait for book two!” 
– Amanda

“Amazing! It was a perfect love story with all the ups and downs and twists and turns you want. Can't wait to read Fallen.” 
– Shanna

“You will fall in love with this book! Declan and Alexander are the new favorite YA couple!!”
 – Lostinbooks

 “Amazing read! I absolutely love this book! I was so captivated I couldn't concentrate on anything else. I loved the romance and ... I loved the passion!”
– Sun Shine

 “If you're missing Twilight, this is a good choice : )”
– Jennifer

 “Great book to get lost in! Declan is uniquely kind and I found myself cheering her on throughout the book. Alexander is that guy you only wish you could meet, from the beautiful green eyes to that accent, how could anyone not fall in love? I got swept away from page one and am anxiously awaiting the second book!”
 – Amanda C.

 “Blown Away. I was astonished by what a great story this was. The characters are so real and likeable. I can't wait to read the sequel!”
– Kindle Customer

 “Couldn't put it down!!! Can't wait for book 2!”
– Samantha

 “More Please!!!! This book had me from the very beginning ... very well written.”
–  Jenny

 “Very sweet, very powerful love story, and very realistic characters and friendships. Great read!”
–  Petrina

 “Great story! I was captivated beginning to end. I can't wait to read the next book. The main characters are great. I recommend this book.”
– Natasha

“Simply Amazing! This is a must read! A cross between Twilight [and other favorites]. Such a beautiful story and very well written. Now on to Book 2!”
– Chicklette

“Excellent book! Quick read, full of mystery and suspense not to mention a little swept away love. I cannot wait for book two!”
– Amanda

 “This is a great new indie author!! You HAVE to read her stories! Have to! Her writing is witty, sincere, and her written voice is on point. Her characters are likable (Declan and the gang), relatable (teenage problems), and the love interest (Alexander) is sincere.”
– Amazon Customer

"I loved this book! It keeps you moving and I found myself laughing out loud constantly. I wish this was available in a hard copy! It is definitely bookshelf material."
– Amazon Customer

 “Such a great read!”
– Emily


  1. Just finished all three Guardian books....I am feeling a rush of emotions!! What a wonderful storyline. So much love,humor,angst,mystery and in depth soul searching goes on in this writer's story that I feel like I have said goodbye to friends I can't wait to hear from again. Please....when is the next book available!!???

    1. Happy to report the fourth book, Return, is available now for pre-order! It brings the story full circle and I hope you enjoy it! Thanks so much for writing! I love hearing from readers and am so glad you like the series!